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Janus RF Machine

Removing wrinkles by radio frequency – weight reducing and skin care
RF releases radio frequency energy, which can be applied directly on the dermal layer through the skin epidermis, directly generating the heat from the body; when the dermal tissue is heated, collagen fibers produce the immediate contraction, stimulate the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gap of atrophic and lapsed collagen; with the continuous newborn and realignment of the collagen in the dermal layer, the soft support of the skin is presented, the wrinkles are filled, and the sagging skins become full, tight and elastic.
The technology of three pole radio frequency is innovative technology, which can develop RF advantages to the extreme and avoid the past shortcomings of single pole RF. The three pole technologies are easy to operate, and has high efficiency, it is strong and powerful. In fact, even it is the first treatment, the obvious effect can be seen on tightening the skin and reducing the fat. Three pole radio frequency generates the radio-frequency wave in subcutaneous specific depth, applying to the water molecules in the collagen, double pole water molecules shake and rotate at high speed, and friction generates heat, to achieve the effect of heating the dermal collagen.

2. BIO
BIO electrodeless energy living cells slimming machine can effectively restrain the decline of human body function, the special micro current programming design and the biological current in the body set up the resonance to stimulate cell activation, promote metabolism, and restore the body strength and vitality. It can accelerate the metabolism, eliminate dark spots, firm fine lines, shrink pores, reduce weight, and slim face.

3. Electroporation
Needleless electrophoresis import (also called electrophoresis energy meter, needleless broken instrument) is a product introducing new technology, which uses the principle of electroporation and electro osmosis, adopts the water electrophoresis infiltration technology, uniformly, comprehensively and deeply transfers the active ingredients or nutrients directly to the required skin tissues without the use of syringes, quickly absorbed by skin tissues, resulting in a significant effect. It fundamentally solves the film barrier and transdermal absorption faced by skin care.

4. Ultrasonic
a. Mechanical function
The mechanical roles of ultrasonic wave include: Soften tissues, strengthen penetration, improve metabolism, improve blood circulation, stimulate nerve system and cells etc.
b. Warm function
Warm function of the ultrasonic wave refers to that it can cause the changes of blood functions and metabolism process, and it can improve blood circulation, reduce nerve excitement, plays analgesia roles, loses spasmodic muscle fibers, and it can also relieve the spasm.
c. Chemical functions
The ultrasonic wave has the functions of strengthening catalysis and accelerating metabolism. It can change PH value toward alkalinity, which is in favor of drugs in penetrating into the thallus, to improve the ability of sterilization.

Technical parameters

  • Working voltage AC 220V
  • Machine power 25 W
  • Working frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Radio frequency 1 MHz
  • Ultrasonic wave frequency 1.1 MHz



Shipping Weight 4.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.470m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.450m

1 Year Warranty 

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