9 in 1 Beauty Machine

1. Ultrasonic Attachment

The Ultrasonic delivers inaudible, high-energy ultrasound waves that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, heating the tissues. This creates a controlled micro-injury that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to ramp up collagen production. It comes with a flat head handpiece for large areas of the face and a cone head with a flat tip for around the eye and nasal areas that are harder to get to.

2. Skin Scrubber Attachment

A new modern way to exfoliate. The flat-shaped head must be used on wet skin. The handpiece produces ultrasonic soundwaves that when scraped across the skin loosen up dead skin cell build-up and debris.

3. Galvanic Attachment

The galvanic facial machine works by passing a range of low electric currents through the skin to produce a therapeutic effect. The electrotherapy machine produces a galvanic current to treat facial skin and improve it by cleansing and nourishing the skin through an electro-chemical process called iontophoresis. Comes with a conduction probe, roller attachment for face, round ball attachment for the eye area, and flat sphere attachment face area.

4. High Frequency

High-frequency electrotherapy utilizes a glass electrode to generate high-frequency microcurrent. The high-frequency effects will destroy bacteria and promote lymphatic drainage. High-frequency facial equipment can produce mild heat and increase skin elastin and collagen generation too. 

5. Face/Body Brush Attachment

Facial brush is to clean the skin, exfoliate dead skins, remove grease and cosmetics remnants, clean pores, blackheads, dirt, etc. It is controlled by the motor so the rotary speed is steady. For better results, it is recommended to moisture or steam the face before rotary facial brushing, which makes it easier to brush off the dead skin and dirt. Rotary facial brushing therapy makes further facial care treatments more effective.

This machine comes with a variety of 6 brush attachments: 

1. Crystalized small brush 

2. Crystalized big brush 

3. Fuzz small brush 

4. Fuzz big brush 

5. EVA big brush 

6. Shag big Brush

6. Vacuum

The suction bar works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease, and other impurities.

7. Spray

Refreshing mist used after a treatment.  For a refreshing experience use with scented water or essential oils.

8. Steamer

This new look facial steamer generates steam and ozone-enriched steam allowing you to provide a soothing effective experience. Water level detection alarm when water gets too low. Vapor volume adjustment is perfect for customizing the amount of steam to each individual client's skin type. Keep warming function. Steam as well as Ozone. A flexible arm makes positioning the steamer easy.

9. Magnifying Lamp

Extendable Arm. It Rotates 360 degrees. 3X magnification and 8X magnification spot. Protective cover for magnifying glass when not in use. Never lose the adjustment position system. On/ Off switch. 






12 Months Manufacturing Warranty

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

Taking the ultrasonic facial therapy constantly is beneficial and will solve many skin problems such as sagging, wrinkle, freckle, acne, gloomy, rough, fat deposits. The ultrasonic facial massage treatment will make the skin brightening, tightening, smooth. It will also reduce fat on the arms, waist, neck, chin, eyesocket, stretch marks.

SKU H5050
Model # P001
Brand Generic
Shipping Weight 42.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.460m
Shipping Height 0.570m
Shipping Length 0.950m
Shipping Cubic 0.249090000m3
Unit Of Measure ea

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